Higher Education Marketing

Higher Education Marketing Working with Stéphane Hamel

February 24, 2011

Higher Education Marketing is very happy to announce that we will now be working with Stéphane Hamel, a highly accomplished eBusiness Strategist and Online Analytics advocate. Hamel will be playing an advisory role with us, which will give Higher Education…


The SEO Rapper Tackles Page Rank

February 16, 2011

Sometimes the best way to teach people is to put the material in a song. Don’t take our word for it though, check out the SEO Rapper tackling that all important Web marketing element: page rank. Lyrics: Chuck back again…


Market Share Amidst the Search War

February 14, 2011

The big news in the search world was last week’s new salvo in the search engine wars. In case you missed it, Google accused Bing of copying its search results (which Bing denied), and the two mammoth companies have been…


Pay Per Click Writing Tips

February 4, 2011

The Internet was abuzz last week with a Pay Per Click ad that appeared in a Google search results page: Whether or not this humorous ad was intentional or not, it does illustrate the importance of ad copy and keywords…


Search Wars

February 2, 2011

For those of you curious about search engine market shares, Google remains the top dog, even if Bing has staked out a place for itself. According to Experian Hitwise, Google has a 72% share of the market, followed by Bing’s…