Higher Education Marketing

The State of Web Analytics in Higher Education

August 31, 2011

Curious about how other schools use Web analytics? HigherEdExperts recently conducted a survey to find out the state of Web analytics in higher education. A total of 358 professionals working in higher education institutions completed this voluntary online survey from…


Leveraging Your School’s Twitter Account

August 30, 2011

With over 200 million users, Twitter has become one of the most powerful social media sites, and its platform (short 140 character tweets) has given schools the chance to communicate easily and directly with its target audiences. This represents a…


How to Generate More Leads from Facebook?

August 24, 2011

With a 96 per cent adoption rate among students, Facebook is the social media platform for schools to meet their prospects. Most schools are aware of the tremendous marketing potential of Facebook, but a Facebook page up is not a guarantee…


Cell Phones in the USA

August 16, 2011

As reported in the latest issue of Academica’s Top Ten, a new survey by the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project has highlighted the cell phone behaviour of Americans. There are certainly differences between Canadians and Americans, but this…


Marketing analytique pour établissements scolaires : l’importance des personas

August 9, 2011

Quels genres de personnes visitent votre site? Quelles sont leurs principales caractéristiques? Quelles actions voulez-vous que vos visiteurs accomplissent sur votre site Internet? La phase initiale de toute initiative marketing basée sur des outils analytiques doit répondre à ces questions. Higher…


3 étapes pour transformer votre trafic sur les réseaux sociaux en prospects

Source: www.digitalvisitor.com Votre établissement est présent sur tous les principaux réseaux sociaux mais les résultats se font attendre en termes de conversion de prospects ?  Vous aimeriez vous assurer que vos efforts soient récompensés? Voici 3 étapes à suivre pour doper…


Generational Divide in Mobile Use

According to a recent US study, there is a wide generational gap in regard to mobile device preferences. Affinity Research has found that older consumers are favouring tablets and e-readers, while younger users are still flocking to smartphones. Among the findings,…


Audit Your Website Before You Rebrand

August 4, 2011

Many Canadian colleges and universities are actively working on rebranding themselves, seeking to reposition their institutions in the changing higher education marketplace. This could involve colleges becoming universities, universities sub-branding their premiere programs, or local colleges attempting to reposition themselves for…


Microsoft Redoubles Bing Efforts in Search Engine Wars

August 2, 2011

The New York Times ran an article this weekend on Bing, Microsoft’s entry in the Search Engine War with Google. The New York paper wrote, “Microsoft’s assault on Google in Internet search and search advertising may be the steepest competitive…