Higher Education Marketing

Google Analytics’ Social Media Hub

December 20, 2011

We’ve often discussed the increasing importance of both Google Analytics and a comprehensive social media plan (that incorporates your content and marketing messages across a number of different platforms), so it’s nice to see that Google Analytics has now made…


Social Media Monitoring

December 19, 2011

Social Media Monitoring Any social media strategy is useless if you cannot, at any time, track its implementation, that is, rely on specific analytics to know which efforts are worth pursuing and which initiatives should be stopped. Monitoring your social…


Social Media Reputation Management

Social Media Reputation Management Students rely more and more on social media to find reviews, advice and opinions about their prospective schools. Today more than ever, enrolment depends directly on your online reputation and what is being said about your…


Social Media Marketing Setup

Social Media Marketing Setup Higher Education Marketing’s Social Marketing Setup services include: Assessment of your institution’s social media presence, including: Target audience definition to determine your specific audience and ways to reach it Competitive analysis evaluation:  critical study of 2-3…


HEM Social Media Strategy Plan

December 16, 2011

HEM Social Media Strategy Plan HEM proposes a custom-made, actionable, easy-to-follow social media strategy plan to help your college or university achieve its marketing goals in social media. This comprehensive plan emphasizes an integrative approach to leverage all platforms relevant to your audience and…


Qu’est-ce que Google Analytics peut mesurer ?

Nous l’avons déjà dit et nous le répèterons : Google Analytics est au cœur du marketing analytique. C’est un puissant outil d’analyse qui permet de mesurer, d’analyser et d’optimiser un grand nombre d’initiatives de marketing, pour plusieurs plateformes simultanément. Google…


XXX Domains and Reputation Management

Sponsored by the International Foundation for Online Responsibility (IFFOR), triple-x domains (.xxx) are intended as a voluntary option for pornographic sites. The idea is that these domains would highlight pornographic sites, making it easier for parents and employers to block sites…


Google Analytics Site Speed Reports

December 15, 2011

As we’ve discussed in the past, optimizing your website to improve search engine rank and online presence is very important. It’s equally important, however, to ensure that the user experience on your site is good. Put simply, if your program…


Twitter Announces Brand Pages

December 12, 2011

Hot on the heels of Google’s Google+ announcement, Twitter has announced their own brand pages, complete with a comprehensive redesign. The social media giant is hoping this will strengthen ties with advertisers and partners. It will also help schools leverage this increasingly…


Competing for International Students at Any Cost?

December 9, 2011

The Canadian Council for Education recently published a new report that analyzes the possible impact of the competition for international students on Canadian education at the national and international level. International students contribute an estimated $6.5 billion to Canada annually.…