Higher Education Marketing

Canadian Career Colleges on the Rise

January 31, 2012

Whether it is a result of a slumping job market or the lingering effect of the global economic downturn, Canadian career and community colleges are seeing a rise in applications from people with university degrees. Studies are now showing that…


Mount Allison University Launches Mobile App

January 30, 2012

Mount Allison University has launched a new free mobile app. The university, based in Sackville, New Brunswick, introduced the app this week to give students, alumni and prospective applicants 24-hour access to the latest campus information. The app, called Datatel…


Google Updates Top Search Queries Feature

January 26, 2012

Google continues their busy pace, announcing an update to their Top Search Queries feature. In the past, Google reported the average position of all URLs from your site for any given search query. Now, it will only report the top position…


Google Shutters Urchin

January 24, 2012

Spring cleaning is coming early at Google, with the search engine giant announcing that they will be shutting down numerous products, including Urchin Software. The writing may have been on the wall for Urchin the moment Google launched Google Analytics…


Web Design Tips to Improve Lead Generation

Improved lead generation starts with the bare bones foundations of your site: web design. Putting it simply, if the design of your website is clumsy or misguided, it will undermine any efforts you put in to improve online lead generation.…


Google’s GoMo Campaign

January 19, 2012

As we’ve said many times in the past, the future of education marketing is mobile. By all accounts, 2012 is set to be the year where smartphones finally overtake laptops in Web usage. Mobile searches, meanwhile, have grown 500% over…


Improving Your Site’s Usability

January 18, 2012

Everyone wants a flashy, visually stimulating website. But the truth is, the success of your school site and program pages will most likely be determined by one thing: usability. If a visitor does not know how to use a feature…


Visit McMaster Campus With Google Street View

January 17, 2012

McMaster University has become the first Canadian university campus to be included in Google’s Street View project. Google staff mapped the McMaster Campus walkways last July with a car and tricycle. The bike was specially modified with a camera system that…


Facebook’s New Insights Analytics Tool

January 16, 2012

Facebook recently upgraded their Insights analytics tool for business pages. In case you weren’t aware of this tool, here’s what the social network has to say about it: Facebook Insights offers the opportunity for “understanding and analyzing trends within user growth and demographics,…


How to Get Backlinks to Your Program Pages

January 13, 2012

  What are backlinks? In any serious discussion of Search Engine Optimization, you will hear the term “backlink”. A backlink (also known as an Inbound link) is a link directed towards your website from other sites. Backlinks are the most…