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U of T to Open Mobile App Lab

April 12, 2012


Writing for the Web

April 10, 2012


LipDub Videos and Education Marketing

April 9, 2012

McGill University recently released a YouTube video called McGill State of Mind. The mostly student created video involved 300 participants, including 40 student groups.

If you’ve been paying attention to your education marketing, however, you’ll have noticed that this video is not an isolated event. As it turns out, there is something of an ongoing nation-wide trend among Canadian universities involving LipDub videos, which are a type of video that combines lip synching and audio dubbing (essentially a music video). The format has been adopted by student groups across the country to highlight school spirit and community dynamics. They are going over very well. Continue reading →

Download Our Free e-Book: Facebook Timeline for Colleges and Universities

April 4, 2012


Facebook’s Giant QR Code

April 3, 2012

After Facebook had moved into its new headquarters, Mark Zuckerberg announced a “space hackathon”, an attempt to decorate the space and personalize it. This could have been anything – spray paint, posters, etc – but the intent was to “hack” the building and give it some sort of Facebook spin. The result? A “space hack” that can be seen from space.

Check out Facebook’s Giant QR Code:

Facebook's Giant QR Code

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Firefox to Adopt Google Secure SSL Search

April 2, 2012