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Bing Keeps Growing…but for how Long?

Date posted: September 13, 2011

Bing-powered search accounted for 28.99% of all searches in August, up from 28.05% the previous month. Overall, Bing has gained more than 4% market share in the U.S. since it partnered up with Yahoo. That stat is according to Experian Hitwise, who also indicate that this is growth came at Google’s expense. Those gains, however, continue to be rather modest, and the question now is if Microsoft will actually keep it going long enough to really make a dent in Google’s imposing armour.

On the surface, the company is keeping a straight face, insisting that this slow but steady climb is part of the plan. “Tomorrow’s goal is to gain a few points, a tenth here, a tenth there, and just keep working and working,” Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said in his keynote address at the SMX West conference.

However, there have been reports and whispers that the Bing-Yahoo alliance is on shaky ground, with factions within Microsoft reportedly looking to bail to Bing. The reason, according to Mark Ballard, the Senior Analyst at the Rimm-Kaufman Group, is that while both companies are struggling under the partnership, Yahoo is doing even worse. Speaking to WebProNews, he revealed that Yahoo brought in around 60 percent of broad matched traffic before the alliance. Now that it’s powered by Bing, it only brings in around 40 percent.

If this is true, can these two companies stick together long enough to catch Google?