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Can a Celebrity Tweet Help Your School?

Date posted: November 14, 2011

A big part of advertising is credibility. The more credible the advertising “source,” the more persuasive the message. That’s why the most powerful advertising possible is from your own friends. If a friend tells you they used a product or service and loved it, you’re more likely to follow suit if you’re in the market for that same product or service. The reality however, is that most people are not interested in being paid to advertise to their friends. Now, there’s another option out there which is very interesting: hiring a celebrity to tweet about your company. For may schools, the endorsement of an influential celebrity could generate a lot of buzz. Several companies have incorporated paid celebrity tweeting into their social media strategies. Notable big-name examples include Microsoft and Best Buy. Another company that has used the strategy is “CampusLIVE”, a website that allows college students the chance to earn rewards from sponsors.

Can a Celebrity Tweet Help Your School?

The concept behind paid celebrity tweets is simple: you choose your promotional 140-character snippet, find a celebrity that fits in with the target market for your product or service, and then hire that celebrity to tweet your message. There is one more element to consider, however: cost. While hiring Mike Tyson to tweet about your school may seem like a great idea, get ready to spend upwards of $3,000 for a single tweet. Want to hire Khloé Kardashian to praise your school’s new mobile platform? You’re looking at more than $8,000.

Of course, for most Canadian schools, Khloé Kardashian and Mike Tyson may not be the best people to hire anyway. Perhaps someone more targeted – for example, a local celebrity who is active in your school’s city – may be more economical, and more powerful. One thing’s for sure: the tools available to social media marketers is increasing every day, and celebrity tweets could soon become another key element in a marketer’s arsenal.