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College Drives Enrolment with Tech

Date posted: November 4, 2011

The college crowd is by definition a young one, and technology plays an increasingly important role in that coveted demographic. Consequently, it stands to reason that schools playing up the technology card stand a better chance at catching their target market’s attention than those that don’t. We’ve discussed how schools are now branching out to use foreign social networks to recruit international students.

Another great example of a school making the most of technological advances is Lone Star College, an American community college in Texas. The school has embraced technology in order to provide students with more modern and engrossing experience at the school, and this approach has the added side benefit of acting as a broader marketing strategy of “marketing via quality.”

“Students vote with their feet, and Lone Star is one of the fastest-growing institutions of higher education in the country,” says Shah Ardalan, Lone Star College’s chief information officer.  “Students realize the value of our education, and their success translates into matriculation at [coveted] universities.” In other words, a solid education in a school with a cutting-edge technology system makes for more marketable graduates – an attractive draw for prospects. It also makes it much easier to recruit students, the vast majority of which are now searching for programs online.

Lone Star College’s technology innovations include:

The college’s efforts at bring technology to students has been well recognized: the school recently got 2nd place in a annual Digital Community College Survey by e.Republic, a Center for Digital Education. This is a direct result of Ardalan’s efforts. “My IT leaders are constantly challenged to plan for the future,” he explains. “Not to survive, but to ‘change the rules.'”