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Facebook is the Most Popular Social Network

Date posted: November 8, 2011

Facebook is the most popular social networking site across all generations in the United States, according to a Forrester study conducted in July 2011.

The study, conducted on about 60,000 users between 18 and 67, showed that 96% of adult users of social networks were on Facebook. LinkedIn came in second place, with 28% of users and Twitter in third, with 24%. Whereas Facebook is preferred by users of all ages, LinkedIn is mostly popular with 23-55 year olds — the age group that is most visible on the market place. Twitter, meanwhile, tends to skew slightly young, attracting mainly users aged 18 to 31.

Youtube is the favorite social media site for young adults

A Harris Interactive survey, however, has shown that Youtube is the social media brand that users aged 13 to 24 like the most. The survey, which involved 5,077 young Americans, did not calculate how much they visited social media websites, but how they perceived them. Youtube came in first position, in front of all the other social media brands. Facebook was voted second most popular.

These studies show how important it is to choose the right social media platform to target a specific age group in every social media campaign. Schools that do not have a large marketing budget should consider focusing their efforts on the platform most used by their target audience.

Establishing a customized social media strategy, therefore, requires an analysis of your target audience, strategies designed for your school and market, the creation and optimisation of social media profiles and the implementation of these strategies.

What do social media platform do you find most useful?

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