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Facebook for Recruitment Purposes

Date posted: November 22, 2011

Nowadays, almost every higher education establishment has a Facebook page or group. A presence on this social network lets schools not only increase their visibility on the Web and stay connected with their students, but also reach potential students.

Facebook for Recruitment Purposes

More and more schools are using Facebook for recruitment purposes according to a survey conducted by Varsity Outreach on 150 American colleges and universities. The results show that in 2011, 79% of schools had an admissions-specific Facebook presence, whereas only 65% had similar pages in 2010.

These statistics demonstrate that email is the main platform that schools used to promote their Facebook page. 75% of schools insert a link to their Facebook page in their email signature and 62% send emails solely to inform prospective and current students of their Facebook presence.

The survey’s statistics also show that 71% of schools measure their Facebook page’s performance in order to refine their way of reaching out to potential students on this social media platform.

Higher education establishments have undoubtedly a lot to gain by being on Facebook. However, simply having a Facebook page does not automatically make it an efficient recruitment tool. Read our post on the subject to learn how to generate more leads with your school’s Facebook page.

Is your school active on Facebook? If so, can you relate to the survey’s results?

Read the whole survey here.