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Google Analytics Unveils Flow Visualization

Date posted: October 27, 2011

Google Analytics recently unveiled a new tool which promises to make the process of analyzing the paths visitors take on a website much more intuitive. Called “Flow Visualization”, the new tool displays a visual representation of where a visitor is coming from, and the path that person takes while on a website, as they go from one page to another. This added functionality will make Google Analytics even more powerful than it is now, and is reminiscent of goal funnel visualizations.


The graphic above shows the different sources to a website on the far left, the different pages those visitors landed on in the middle, and the pages they went to subsequent to their landing page to the right. Using flow visualization, it’s easier to see with a quick glance which pages are most frequented. What’s more, users can drill down on specific pages to see more stats and learn more about vistor behaviour.



The benefit of Flow Visualization is the ability to more easily evaluate your site’s effectiveness and give you the data you need to enhance your website. For example, a school could easily determine how effective a new website page is by looking at a visualization: if the page was designed to attract organic search, it would be very quick and easy to determine where visitors to the page are actually coming from using flow visualization. Similarly, if a new page was tweaked to improve flow-through to a school’s “find out more” page, it would also be quick to determine the effectiveness of that change by looking at a flow visualization.

Web analytics is a constantly changing field, and fortunately, Google is at the forefront of these changes. As Google Analytics becomes more and more powerful, and easier to use, schools will be able to make even better decisions.