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Google Map Maker Opens Up

Date posted: April 20, 2011

We’ve talked about the importance of utilizing Google places, and of ensuring that all your campus locations are properly listed in local searches and interactive maps. In fact, by linking these listings with other Google products (like Google Adwords), you can greatly increase your online presence on search engine results pages.

Google has now taken this a step further, opening up their Map Maker product (which ahs been around since 2008) to all Google Account users in the United States. The philosophy is that “you know your neighborhood best,” and Google is hoping Americans will soon add their favorite shops, restaurants and more to their maps. For schools, this means that students will be able to highlight your campus’ best libraries, coffee shops, cafeterias, gyms and more.

Hopefully, Canadian users will soon get the opportunity to jump in on the map making fun. To find out more, here’s an introductory video: