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Microsoft Redoubles Bing Efforts in Search Engine Wars

Date posted: August 2, 2011

The New York Times ran an article this weekend on Bing, Microsoft’s entry in the Search Engine War with Google. The New York paper wrote, “Microsoft’s assault on Google in Internet search and search advertising may be the steepest competitive challenge in business today. It is certainly among the most costly. Trying to go head-to-head with Google costs Microsoft upward of $5 billion a year, industry executives and analysts estimate.”

Microsoft loses billions a year with Bing, but it thus far has refused to give up on beating Google, mostly because it has gained some ground. In two years, it has managed to account for 14 percent of searches in the American market, according to comScore. Add in their partnership with Yahoo, and that number rises to 30 percent of the total. These gains have, however, not come at the expense of Google, whose two-thirds share of the US market has remained unchanged in that time.

The article laid out Microsoft’s long-term plans and features for Bing, including:

  • Rich Web Apps (HTML5-based apps that draw on your personal data, location and preferences to deliver results.)
  • A Desktop App Called Bing DeskBar (This would incorporate local files, Web searches, e-mail and social media messages)
  • Search Filter (To sort information by what’s recent and relevant)

Ultimately, Microsoft is hoping to move away from the “10 blue links” model. “For most people, Google is search – they go to Google without even thinking about it. We’ve got to develop our own habits, of people trying Bing,” Brian MacDonald, a member of Microsoft’s Core Search Program Management told the Times. Will have to wait and see if these new features help them reinvent the search paradigm.