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New Updates to Google Analytics

Date posted: February 1, 2012

Google has introduced more changes to Google Analytics, adding two of the most requested features from the old version of Google Analytics that have been absent in the new interface: report email scheduling and PDF export.

Every standard and custom report will now have an email scheduling option, shown below:

Google Analytics Email Scheduling Option








Clicking on “Email” will provide you with the following email scheduling box:







Google is also soliciting feedback regarding which scheduled email reports should be used in the new version. PDF export for every report will only be available within a few weeks.

They have also created a new Google user forum that will be specific to Analytics-related issues and topics, giving users a place to discuss the product with fellow analytics users. Much like reddit, visitors can earn karma by answering questions and commenting, though unlike the popular social bookmarking site (the “Internet’s front page”) they can earn badges and special designations (like “Top Contributor”).

What do you think about these updates to Google Analytics?