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ROI Goal Setting

Date posted: March 10, 2011

In the latest Higher Education Marketing Newsletter, we went over the basics of improving your school’s Return on Investment (ROI).

In that edition we touched on the importance of goal setting as a starting point to improving your ROI, but it bears repeating: without clear cut, specific and measurable goals, your marketing initiatives will lack focus and efficiency. If you don’t know what you’re trying to achieve, you don’t know where to put your time and money and where to make changes.

Remember that effective Web marketing will help you:

1. Increase the amount of new visitors to your website or program pages
2. Engage visitors with content about your campuses, programs, faculties or facilities
3. Convert these visitors into online leads for your recruiting efforts

The question, then, is what kind of goals do you have to set to achieve this?

The first step should be understanding what your school needs. Do you want to increase your overall website traffic? Do you need to increase your online leads? Using Google Analytics, you can determine which pages of your website are under-performing, and figure out where to direct your efforts. The first goal, therefore, should simply consist of determining your website’s biggest weaknesses and what you would like to improve.

Once you’ve determined where you’d like to go, the next step should involve determining how to get there. What you want people to do on your website? In other words, what is a “conversion” on your site? Is it completing a request for free information form? Is it submitting a request for a tour of your campus? This is a necessity, as it not only creates a measurable outcome, it also helps focus content. With Google Analytics, we can know where that goal originated from, and what the cost of that initiative was.

We can then tweak SEO and marketing techniques with this information, constantly improving your website’s improvement until that first, end result goal has been achieved. It all starts, though, with a goal.