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Smartphones in the Classroom?

Date posted: May 16, 2011

We’ve looked at the increasing importance of smartphones in marketing, especially when it comes to the use of Mobile SMS Alerts, but it seems that cell phones may also be useful when it comes to instruction.
Nipissing University co-researchers Dr. Maria Cantalini-Williams and Dr. John L. Vitale are conducting a multi-phase study in which 14 teacher candidates enrolled in a technology option course used BlackBerry smartphones. In the first phase of this study, student-teachers received training and explored teaching/learning applications of the BlackBerry smartphone. In the second phase, it is planned that participants will be using BlackBerry smartphones in real-life teaching scenarios.
“The student teachers who are participating in this study have already identified a number of potential advantages to using BlackBerrys in their classrooms, including keeping students up to date with due dates, schedules and other assignments,” said Vitale.
This, of course, is very similar to the marketing benefits of Mobile SMS Alerts. Mobile SMS Alerts cut out the middle man and give you the opportunity to speak directly with your students and prospective students, ensuring that your marketing message reaches its audience, instantly and easily.

Mobile SMS Alerts include:

  • SMS Push and Pull Messaging
  • SMS Alerts
  • Mobile to Web Integration
  • Social Media Integration
  • And More

To find out more about the study, check out the Nipissing News Release.

  • Testing comments.

  • I’ve seen firsthand how useful it is to have a smartphone in college. Even if the classes are not optimized specifically for smartphone integration, there are still many uses for smartphones in the classroom. For example, when I receive an email about the class directly to my phone, I can look at it discreetly, open the attached documents, and even review on my phone between classes.