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Social Media in Higher Education

Date posted: May 1, 2011

If you’re curious about how Social Media is doing in higher education lately, Karine Joly of offers a breakdown of the recent findings released by  Slover Linett Strategies Inc., mStoner and CASE. These were the high-level results of their Second Comprehensive Study of Social Media Use by Schools, Colleges and Universities.

Joly’s breakdown of the study, which was conducted online with a random sample of 18,000 CASE members, shows that:

  • The two biggest goals of Social Media use were engaging alums (84%) and sustaining and improving the institutional brand image (74%).
  • 92% of respondents use social media to communicate with alumni.
  • 96% use Facebook compared to 75% who use Twitter.
  • 47% plan to increase the measurement of their Social Media ROI.

You can read more of Joly’s summary here.

As well, Micheal Stoner has uploaded findings of the study. You can see them below.