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The University of New Orleans Adopts a CRM System

Date posted: October 21, 2011

The University of New Orleans recently announced that from now on, they would use a customer relationship management system (CRM) to simplify their admissions and recruitment process. By doing so, they hope to manage their leads and their students more efficiently.

The University of New Orleans chose to work with Azorus, a company in charge of the CRM systems of many North American universities. According to Mike Rivault, chief marketing officer at the university, this technology will allow them to get closer to their students and to better grasp what their needs are.

Customer Relationship Management Systems for Improved Lead Conversion

Community colleges and universities use their CRM systems to stock information about their leads in a more effective way, therefore simplifying the task of the recruitment team, who can offer a better customer service.

A good CRM system is crucial during the lead conversion process.
It can help your school:

  • Update the lead database
  • Store information about leads
  • Answer prospective students’ questions quickly and consistently
  • Easily transfer leads to the appropriate people or department
  • Ensure inquiry follow-ups
  • Send emails and newsletters (which is a good method of staying in touch with leads who may not immediately enroll)
  • Send auto-response emails

A customer relationship management system is a valuable tool in student recruitment because it will instill department organization and reduce the time it takes for your school to respond to inquiries. Student recruitment is very competitive, and often the school who responds to inquiries fastest makes the best impression. A short response time also helps increase your chances of converting those leads.

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