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What is Twitter Analytics?

Date posted: September 20, 2011

Twitter developers this week announced the development of Twitter Analytics. This new feature, which is an offshoot of Twitter buying BackType, will attempt to help accurately measure the amount of Twitter traffic to your website.

As we have mentioned in the past, Twitter is one of the most powerful social media sites, and schools can use it to communicate easily and directly with its target audiences. Ideally, Twitter Analytics will make it easier for you to decide what sort of content you can be sharing on Twitter, which will ultimately help increase your share of social media voice.

According to the developers, Twitter Analytics will allow you to:

  • Understand how much your content is being shared on Twitter

This will include the number of Tweets about you and the number of click-throughs to your website through Twitter. In the past you could see how much Twitter traffic was coming your way with Google Analytics, but you could not see the path visitors were taking. Knowing who is sharing your content and how they are doing it can provide more marketing possibilities and options, including affiliate programs.

  • See traffic Twitter sends to your site
  • Measure the effectiveness of your Tweet Button integration

Both of these features are things you can do with Google Analytics and most website plug-ins, however you would have to assume that Twitter Analytics will provide a bit more insight and detail for those metrics. We’ll have to wait and see. In the meantime, take a look at a screenshot provided by the Twitter Developers:



For the moment, Twitter Analytics is free and in beta. Twitter is planning to roll it out to a website owners in a few weeks. Stay tuned.