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YouTube Analytics on the Way

Date posted: December 1, 2011

Schools have been able to find out who is watching their videos and YouTube channel for some time now through Insight, but now the analytics end of Google’s massive social media platform is going to get a significant boost. Insight is going to be replaced with YouTube Analytics.

The new features of YouTube Analytics include:

A Quick Overview
Analyzing a ton of data can sometimes be off putting for your school’s marketing department. This new feature will help in that regard, providing quick, easy access to info your school is most interested in.

More Detailed Reports
As we’ve said many times, the more data you have, the more effective your content and marketing decisions will be. This new feature, therefore, should be very helpful in getting a better sense of your Youtube audience and content.

Audience Builders
Is one type of video helping your channel get more subscriptions and views? Find out for sure with this new feature, which can help your school share content that is in line with your social media goals.

Audience Retention
How effective are your videos? With this new feature you’ll be able to see how far viewers are watching through your video. Audience retention reports, no doubt, will help guide future video making decisions.

Interestingly, YouTube has decided to highlight these new features with an infographic, which for a site based on millions of videos, is strange to say the least.

In any case, check out the Youtube Analytics infographic for more:

Youtube Analytics Infographic























Youtube has also updated their Creator Playbook to include these new features. The Playbook is a guide to help :build and engage with bigger audiences, earn more money, and make better videos”.

Check out the new Youtube Creator Playbook:

What are your thoughts about YouTube Analytics? Do you think it will help your school’s YouTube channel?