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Higher Education Marketing Launches Schools Training

Date posted: February 2, 2012

Higher Education Marketing has launched Schools-Training.com, a new school and career resource directory for students. The aim of the directory is to offer a host of education resources for current and prospective students, with an emphasis on career options and career resources.

Schools Training uses article marketing for colleges and universities to deliver education news, advice and tips. Articles cover a wide variety of fields and range from the benefits of certain career training and diploma programs, to news stories and press releases involve new programs, campuses and open houses.

Schools Training has already developed relationships with numerous career colleges across Canada and hopes to become a leading article marketing resource for schools, colleges and universities around the world. The directory has a “submit article” feature, which enables schools to post articles and press releases of their choosing. The service is completely free, and will give institutions the chance to improve their search engine rank and increase backlinks with simplified article marketing tool.

Check out Schools Training today for more information.