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Request a Free Website Audit!

Date posted: September 6, 2011

We are proud to now offer a free technical website audit. A comprehensive website audit provides a wealth of data and helps the implementation and focus of Web analytics. This approach can give education marketers a clear understanding of what their brand and site needs, shedding light on how to build a new brand that better resonates with prospective students, alumni, faculty and special interest groups.

Individually tailored for each school website, our comprehensive strategic web audits can determine the competitive landscape and provide insight into the current performance, search engine ranking, online lead generation and calls to action of a school’s website or program webpages. An audit can also enable site-specific problem solving and provide easy to implement adjustments that will improve rank and usability and increase online visibility. This is beneficial for a whole host of Web and online marketing tactics and issues, including SEO, Google Analytics, social media or a combination of these tools and tactics.

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