Higher Education Marketing

Improving Higher Ed Social Media Campaigns with #Hashtag Tracking

Social media has great potential for effectively and cost-efficiently engaging with students and prospects, but with the constantly changing array of social networks and tools it can be hard for colleges to stay on top of it all. Let’s look…read_more

Mobile Search Strategies for Student Recruitment

As higher education marketing rapidly goes mobile, colleges and universities are rushing to keep up with the tech preferences and capabilities of their incoming students. According to a recent report by Zinch and Uversity, 97% of teenaged U.S. prospective students…read_more

PPC for International Student Recruitment

Increasing competition for a shrinking supply of local prospective students has led many colleges and universities to expand their recruitment targeting to the potentially lucrative international student market. Institutions seek the diverse perspectives that come with multiculturalism while ensuring that…read_more

How to Leverage Original Content: A Case Study about Content, Social Media and SEO in Higher Ed

College and university web marketers understand that they have to publish high quality, relevant and original content for their sites to rank highly. They also know that they have to build a strong social media presence that communicates their brand…read_more

Higher Education Presidents with Social Media Presence

Every college or university wants to expand its visibility, respond to its audiences’ needs and cost-effectively promote its institutional brand. These are just some of the reasons why 100% of schools have embraced social media marketing to some extent. While…read_more

6 Ways to Get Better Conversion Results from your Higher Ed Website

Each page on your higher ed website has a job to do. I think we can also all agree that they can always improve. Here are six ways  to accomplish that and get better conversion results.  1)      Know what you…read_more

Innovative Approaches to Student Admissions

In the world of higher education, the beginning of March means that application deadlines for next fall’s admissions are fast approaching, if they haven’t already passed. Admission decisions actually began being released before Christmas for rolling, early and priority applications…read_more

The Power of Infographics for Marketing Higher Education

The overwhelming quantity of data that the internet has made available at our fingertips has had an interesting effect on the way we internalize information. As attention spans wane by the day, web surfers have become more adept at giving…read_more

Google Analytics Content Groups for Higher Ed Marketing

Higher ed websites have complicated architectures designed to organize and optimize information about lots of different topics for lots of different audiences. The architecture of your site provides a natural structure that Google Analytics uses to organize and report on…read_more

Ten Years of Facebook in Higher Education Marketing

As Facebook celebrates its tenth anniversary this week, it’s worth looking back at how far it has come and what recent changes will mean for higher education institutions. From humble beginnings in a Harvard dormroom as Facemash, hacking into private…read_more