Higher Education Marketing

It’s Time for Higher Ed to Plan the Move to Universal Analytics

About a year ago, we published a post introducing Universal Analytics, (UA)  describing what it is and some of the implications of its use in higher education marketing.  Flash forward to May 2014 and Universal Analytics is now officially out of…read_more

Google’s Q4 / 2013 in Review, Higher Education Search Analysis Report: Highlights and Observations

On Feb 5, 2014, Google’s Education team hosted a Google Hangout that gave their 2013 Q4 report on the state of Google search and pay-per-click marketing for the higher education marketplace. It provided some 2013 summary level stats for the…read_more

Hashtags Just Got Even More Important on Google!

Google recently announced that Google Search will now allow users to search for Google+ posts including hashtags. If you are in Canada or in the United States, and you are using the English version of Google, then you have certainly…read_more

Higher Ed Search Analytics are Simplified with New Google Adwords Report

It just got a lot easier to track, analyze and understand the relationship between PPC ads and organic listings on Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs). Google Adwords’ new report, called the “Paid and Organic ” report, provides comparative analysis…read_more

A Few Thoughts on Google’s 2013 Q2 Higher Education Search Analysis

Deciding where to most strategically allocate your limited higher ed marketing budgets to compete effectively is tough and getting tougher. Since watching Google’s Q2 Higher Education Search Analysis Hangout video, (released in mid-August), I’ve been thinking a lot about what the…read_more

5 steps to start building your presence on Google+

Last fall, we wrote a piece to help you  get your college started on Google+  with best practices to create your college’s page. It highlighted the basics to get you going and start promoting your page for more online visibility.…read_more

Homage to Google Reader (or Why RSS Should be Part of Your Content Development Strategy)

Much to the shock of users around the world, Google recently announced that as of July 1, 2013, it is retiring its flagship RSS reader application, Google Reader. Picture source: Mashable I have been particularly hard hit by this announcement…read_more

Could Google Hangouts on Air be the solution to your college’s video headaches?

Videos are some of the trickiest marketing assets for colleges to produce. They require a lot of preparation and are expensive to produce and market. Google Hangouts on Air offer a way to broadcast your videos to the world, for…read_more

Google Adwords Launches Auction Insights Report

Google Adwords has announced the launch of the Auction insights report. This new feature will help empower your college marketing department to make better informed optimization decisions (by giving you a better idea of what your competition is doing). Currently, Google Adwords offers Impression…read_more

Google, Yahoo and Big Data Analytics

Big data analytics involves examining huge amounts of data from a variety of different sources, including Web server logs and clickstream data, social media activity reports, mobile, among others things. This analysis lets users discover hidden patterns, correlations and other…read_more