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Google Swallows PostRank and PostRank Analytics

As it often happens in the Google world, companies bought by the search engine giant are often gobbled up and incorporated into an existing Google service. An example of this would be the shuttering of Urchin Software in the beginning of…read_more

Google Unveils Gmail Meter

Google has launched another service its Gmail and Google+ subscribers: Gmail Meter. Activated on April 19, the new analytics tool enables Gmail users to find out more about their email habits. According to the Google blog, the Gmail Meter report will offer…read_more

Google Earnings Call Amid Google+ Changes

We’ve often trumpeted the importance of Google Analytics when it comes to online marketing (and education marketing in particular), but Google’s recent Q1 2012 earnings call has revealed just how important it is to today’s online landscape. Chief Business Officer…read_more

Firefox to Adopt Google Secure SSL Search

It looks as if Google’s secure SSL search is catching on, as Firefox looks set to adopt it. Here’s what Johnathan Nightingale, Director of Firefox Engineering, told Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Land: “We are currently testing the change to use SSL…read_more

Google Analytics (Quietly) Adds Email Scheduling and PDF Reports

Way back in November 2011, Google came out and told users of its analytics that it would be adding email scheduling and PDF reports to the new version of Google Analytics. As you may recall, these were features of the…read_more

Changes With Analytics and at Googleplex

Some interesting changes happening in the Google world lately. First comes news that Google Analytics has updated the list of default search engines curated by Google. The update has included the following search engines in the default list: http://rakuten.co.jp http://biglobe.ne.jp…read_more

New Updates to Google Analytics

Google has introduced more changes to Google Analytics, adding two of the most requested features from the old version of Google Analytics that have been absent in the new interface: report email scheduling and PDF export. Every standard and custom report will now…read_more

Google Updates Top Search Queries Feature

Google continues their busy pace, announcing an update to their Top Search Queries feature. In the past, Google reported the average position of all URLs from your site for any given search query. Now, it will only report the top position…read_more

Google Shutters Urchin

Spring cleaning is coming early at Google, with the search engine giant announcing that they will be shutting down numerous products, including Urchin Software. The writing may have been on the wall for Urchin the moment Google launched Google Analytics…read_more

Google’s GoMo Campaign

As we’ve said many times in the past, the future of education marketing is mobile. By all accounts, 2012 is set to be the year where smartphones finally overtake laptops in Web usage. Mobile searches, meanwhile, have grown 500% over…read_more