Higher Education Marketing

10 Questions to Test the Strength of your Institution’s Marketing Integration

For higher ed marketers, the annual cycle of budgeting and marketing planning is once again upon us. In this process, it’s important to evaluate the results of your last year’s recruitment efforts and to look for opportunities to improve your…read_more

Social Media in Recruitment Survey Indicates Higher Ed Marketers are Listening Less

In mid-August, a very interesting survey was released from University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, that was focused on “how does a college or university recruit in this new highly networked, constantly on world”. This is the 5th year of this survey,…read_more

How to Implement Your Content Sharing Strategy for Higher Ed: Part II

Last week, Part 1 of this post discussed how to implement the basic steps of a content sharing strategy across social networks by focusing on your content marketing goals,  employing the Rule of Thirds, using your blog as your content…read_more

How social media can enhance international student recruitment

Social media is a great tool for student marketing. It is also a great money-saving tool for international recruitment. If used effectively, it can complement (not replace) international fairs and conferences. Social media can be an essential tool that can…read_more

Should your college be on Tumblr?

According to Mashable, “Tumblr” surpassed “blog” in December as one of the most searched terms on Google, thus confirming the slow fall of the search for “blog” that started in 2009. Also, with over 88 million blogs and over 20…read_more

4 Steps To Get Your School Started On Google+

Google+ does not yet have the same reach and visibility with prospects and students compared to other social media platforms, but it does bring invaluable SEO benefits to your college or university. Google+ will contribute to better visibility and general…read_more


Many schools have decided to host a school blog and become more involved in social media in order to enhance their online presence. With this comes the realization that blogs require close monitoring, constant up-keep, and interesting content. People often…read_more

5 Steps To Promote Your School’s Open House Through Social Media

Hosting an Open House is the perfect way for your school to gather alumni, and current and prospective students together to highlight and expose your school’s uniqueness. Here are 5 quick steps to efficiently promote your Open House online. Include…read_more

How To Get Your School Started on LinkedIn

If your school is committed to helping its students find work upon graduation (which is the case of most schools) or providing them with a professional network, it needs to develop a presence on LinkedIn. This help build your school’s…read_more

The 5 deadly sins schools commit on Twitter and how to avoid them

Twitter is an efficient platform to share information, reach out to students and prospects, and position your school in its industry. It’s a great community-building tool. Many schools are already on Twitter but they get discouraged by the lack of…read_more