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Are you a Career College?

Are you making the most of your online lead generation? Has your website been optimized to maximize the amount of online leads? Are you set up to respond to this increase? Your career college needs to know the answers to these questions.

Analytics-driven marketing can take the guesswork out of your marketing and recruiting initiatives, making sure that lead generation strategies and processes are as effective and efficient as possible.

Higher Education Marketing works to implement an analytics-based culture, where marketing decisions are directly aligned with recruitment goals. This data-based approach increases online lead generation by combining the use of various marketing tools and tactics. These include:

 Measure, report, analyze, and optimize the ROI of every Web marketing initiative and channel.

 Optimize your website to generate organic traffic from search engines.

 Market specific programs to different student groups and departments.

 Optimize your website with engaging aesthetics and effective content management systems.

 Leverage sites like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin to allow target audience interaction and real-time word of mouth marketing.

 Create templates, custom school apps, fit-to-screen mobile versions of websites and more to leverage the smartphone Web experience.

To get an understanding of what analytics-driven marketing can do for your online lead generation, please click on a case study below.
Higher Education Marketing is a member of the BCCC and the OACC.