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Producing that all-important, marketing-optimal blog each week, for your campus info or admissions blog can often be a real challenge, particularly if the dreaded writer’s block has set in.

Person with Bloggers Block There’s lots of reasons this can happen:  the timing of the year may mean there are no really burning recruitment cycle topics that need to be addressed. Or you’ve been diligently writing to your college’s audience persona’s and you don’t feel like trying to write to them again this week. Or it’s simply a slow week for events on campus and you just can’t bring yourself to write a post about the research triumphs in the biology department! Everything you can think of, including what’s on your editorial schedule, seems kind of boring and not likely to catch the imagination of existing or potential new readers. Your posting deadline is rapidly approaching and you are stuck!

So where can you turn to for inspiration?

I offer you my ultimate list of “42 Content Angles to Jumpstart your Next Blog Post”, for your consideration!

I’ve compiled this list of ways to approach a topic over my experience blogging, to stimulate my creativity and to help me to determine the way I want to present a particular story. I usually have lots of general topics in my blog ideas file. I find they come pretty easily. It’s that last piece, the angle or the way into the topic that’s the hardest part to define. This is where this list comes in very handy.

To use it, simply take your best candidate topic and consider it through the lens of each of these specific approaches.  Some will work well and some won’t. What is important is that through this process you will turn your topic upside down and inside out to determine if one of them fits.  Inevitably for me, one or two of them will jump out as winners and make perfect sense for the post. Then I am off to stage two of the blogging process – research .

So, here’s the list:

Content Angles for Blogging

Blogging success depends on your ability to tell a story about a topic that will engage your audience, motivate them to share it with their friends, and follow up with you for more.  Finding that unique angle into a topic will also inspire your story telling and make the whole writing process more fun and fulfilling for you.

So, next time you’re stuck, give my list a try and let me know if it helps.  What are your favourite approaches to topics for your blogging that aren’t on my list? Please share them with us and we’ll add them to the list that we will publish in a future infographic version of this post.