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This year’s Horizon Report on Emerging Technology recently identified six technologies that are expected to break into the education mainstream within the next five years. The technologies deemed closest to mainstream adoption? Electronic tablet computing and mobile apps, both of which were said to be on the verge of mainstream acceptance within a year.

As we’ve seen with Mount Allison and uWinnipeg, among others (not to mention Google’s GoMo campaign), colleges and universities across the country are following suit, launching apps and mobile-friendly versions of their program pages.

Well, the University of Toronto Scarborough may have hit upon a unique way to get their content (among other ideas) mobile-friendly: by having students submit app ideas.

AppStar is the school’s Mobile App Development Competition, which will give students an opportunity to turn “good ideas into great mobile apps”. The school is doing its part to entice contestants with cash prizes:

  • $1000 for third place
  • $2000 for second
  • $3000 for the grand prize

The contest is limited to UTSC students (they must be presently taking courses) and apps much made for OS or Android. Also, and this is perhaps the most important (and interesting from an education marketing perspective) it has to demonstrably benefit students. The contest is leaving design and functionality up to contestants, who can also submit as part of a team (up to five members).

As a complement to the contest, University of Toronto Scarborough will be holding workshops on project planning, developing and testing for both iOS and Android. There will also be an AppStar Mixer on March 21, 2012 in the Instructional Centre. The mixer will offer a chance to meet new people, flirt with app-loving students and recruit team-members.

Click here for more on UTSC’s AppStar Mobile App Competition. 

What do you think about this competition?