Facebook’s Giant QR Code

Date posted: April 3, 2012

After Facebook had moved into its new headquarters, Mark Zuckerberg announced a “space hackathon”, an attempt to decorate the space and personalize it. This could have been anything – spray paint, posters, etc – but the intent was to “hack” the building and give it some sort of Facebook spin. The result? A “space hack” that can be seen from space.

Check out Facebook’s Giant QR Code:

Facebook's Giant QR Code

The social media giant went all out with this, even putting up a job ad in their careers section for a QR Code Painter. Here are the requirements for the job:

Facebook QR Code Painter

In all, the hack involved two dozen engineers, designers, and members of Facebook operations team, who climbed up on the roof “armed with chalk, twine, paint rollers, a few drums full of black paint, and some cold beer.” Click here to to watch a video of the Facebook crew creating the rooftop QR code.

The team had to wait until the following day, however, to find out if they had succeeded in creating a scannable, giant QR code. Facebook had someone strap a Canon SD790IS camera to a tiny quadcopter to snap an aerial view. There is now a QR code page, where you can follow the very latest updates and post “what you see” when you scan the code.

For more on this, check out Mark Pike’s take (he is an associate on the User Operations, Intellectual Property team) on the story. He is, after all, the architect of this idea.

What do you think of this “space hack”?