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Higher Education Marketing (HEM) and OmniUpdate announced today a strategic partnership, offering a holistic approach to website analytics, marketing, and content management.

This partnership brings together one of higher education’s leading digital marketing firms and leading web content management system (CMS) providers. “We are very excited to be working with OmniUpdate to bring our products and skill sets together for the benefit of our college and university clients,” said Philippe Taza, CEO of Higher Education Marketing. “We are committed to providing our clients with as complete an online marketing solution as possible. OmniUpdate’s enterprise CMS provides campuses with a superior platform on which to build and manage their vital web content, as well as an extremely effective springboard for their online marketing. 

As the leading CMS platform in higher ed, OmniUpdate is used as the website content development and delivery platform by over 550 colleges and universities around the world. HEM provides its unique expertise in analytics, SEO and web design to this same marketplace, helping customers leverage their content and design to deliver their marketing goals and improve on their marketing return-on-investment. Source: .eduguru Higher Ed CMS Usage Survey, 2011

Lance Merker, President and CEO of OmniUpdate, added, “We are pleased to offer our CMS in conjunction with the digital marketing services offered by HEM, as we strongly believe a seamless approach to web management and analysis can provide campuses with the game-changing information and support they need to achieve their online marketing goals.”

Higher Education Marketing provides digital marketing services to the higher ed marketplace. Using an analytics driven marketing approach, HEM offers a comprehensive suite of marketing services, including Google Analytics, Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click marketing, Social Media marketing, Website Design, Conversion Optimization, and Branding. HEM’s tightly focused experience in the education marketplace enables the company to bring a deep understanding of the lead generation, recruitment, and general marketing needs of its college and university clients. Expertise in analytics and digital marketing provides its clients with cutting-edge technical and tactical online marketing strategy and solutions.

OmniUpdate’s enterprise web CMS, OU Campus™, empowers institutions to effectively manage and enhance their web presence and take advantage of the latest web and mobile technologies. OU Campus is secure and scalable, offering a complete feature set, extensible tools, and deployment flexibility supported by exceptional customer service and extensive community resources.

Let us know if you have any questions about this partnership and how we can help you leverage our combined products and services to your school’s benefit.