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IBM announced last week the launch of a new cloud computing suite, the IBM Smart Cloud for Education. Based on its “Watson” brain technology (famous for winning the famous quiz show “Jeopardy!”and knocking down the two long-time world champions last year), the suite uses education and Web analytics to offer pre-defined applications that will help higher education institutions manage their users’ data within the community. In short, the applications include:

  • Decision Management for Education – provides administrators with the necessary tools to identify students most likely to enroll and succeed in their institution; helps them spot successful students as well as students at risk of dropping out and solutions to help them find appropriate funding.
  • IBM’s Virtual Computing Lab – offers different enhanced services and tools to students meant to help them stay connected to their research tools through the cloud.
  • IBM Cloud Academy – analyzes textual research data in order to help institutions find funding resources and the latest available discoveries in their fields.

With a claimed retention rate of 80 percent, could the Decision Management for Education solution become a new analytics-based tool to be integrated into enrolment and retentioncampaigns? Read more about it here.