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As international student mobility continues to increase exponentially, there is great opportunity for higher education institutions to expand their enrollment sources and campus diversity by accessing global prospects independently through digital initiatives. Many colleges and universities would love to improve their international student recruitment but are uncertain of the best way to proceed – without proper planning, it’s easy to spend a lot without getting the necessary results.

taza higher education marketingThat is why we have developed our upcoming webinar, Improve your International Student Recruitment with a Digital Marketing Assessment. This free, half-hour webinar will be presented by Philippe Taza, CEO and Digital Analyst at Higher Education Marketing, on Thursday, November 13th, 2014 at 1:30 pm EDT.

The webinar will guide participants through the process of creating an international digital marketing assessment, including:

  • Defining your campaign’s goals
  • Benchmarking your present recruitment results
  • Establishing your Google Analytics setup
  • Planning globally and targeting locally for SEO
  • Prioritizing content that drives conversions
  • Understanding and improving PPC, social media and mobile marketing

Beginning by defining your school’s goals and marketing priorities, the presentation will show how to benchmark your current initiatives using analytics, revealing where your strengths and opportunities lie. Conducting a successful digital marketing assessment requires a comprehensive strategy, evaluating your web ecosystem, analytics setup, search engine optimization, content and mobile initiatives, social media and paid search marketing. These are interrelated methods for generating leads and driving conversions, requiring differentiated approaches depending on your target market.

Higher Education Marketing‘s data-driven business model removes guesswork from the equation, providing customized solutions that deliver fast, measurable results. This webinar will show you how to develop actionable recommendations that can be adapted and improved upon as market conditions evolve.

Which aspect of international student recruitment is your top priority?