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This is my second annual top 20 higher ed holiday greetings list so I’m feeling a little bit better qualified this
year to put it together. To remind our readers this is “my” top 20 list, not “the” top 20 list. It is quite
subjective, and is based on my personal and evolving tastes in Christmas greeting messages. The categories are mine
and probably only make sense to me. If I missed you this year, my apologies, but please remember, I could only
include 20.

I was fairly strict in the search criteria used to identify candidates for my list. I searched on “college holiday
greetings 2013” and “ university holiday greetings 2013” and looked at the first 10 pages of results for each. Given
I had to get through 200 greetings I will admit I was moving fairly quickly in my review process. If the page loaded
slowly or if there was a broken link I probably moved on without seeing it. If you SEOed your holiday greeting
webpage or YouTube video page there was a pretty good chance it made my top 200 review list and I saw it. If you
didn’t, make sure you add the SEO step to
your greeting to-do list for next year! And a special thanks goes out to those schools who submitted their greetings
directly to us for consideration. They were all included in the review.

I have to say I am once again really impressed by the creativity, warmth and professional polish put into these
holiday greetings. They are really wonderful and effective pieces. Enough said, on to the list!

Happy Holidays!

My Most Favorite Holiday Greeting of 2013: Alfred University

YouTube video

Best Multi-Language Greeting: Dalhoulsie University

Best Christmas Card Based Greeting: University of North Carolina unc greeting

Best Short Video or Animation Greeting:
SUNY Albany suny albany greeting

Niagra College

YouTube video

Best Twitter-based Greeting: Indiana University Southeast

ius greeting

Best Use of Mascot in a Greeting:
James Madison University

YouTube video

University of Connecticut

YouTube video

Best Campus Promo Style Greeting: Weber State University

Best Annual Recap Style Greeting:
Simon Fraser University

YouTube video

College of Western Idaho: This greeting was so long, (over 9 minutes), that I almost
skipped it but it turns out it was very well done so here it is for your consideration.

YouTube video

Best Flashmob Style Greeting: Much to my surprise I didn’t find one, (under my search criteria, as
listed above). Please let me know if you have one or know of one from this year that we can list.

Best Animated Greeting Card:
Sheridan College: Special merit goes
out to Sheridan College in Mississauga, Ontario for also running PPC advertising that linked to their Holiday

YouTube video

Wichita State University
YouTube video

Best Short, Sincere and Heartfelt Message:
Milikin University

YouTube video

MacMaster University
YouTube video

Best Christmas Poem Based Greeting: Olin University

YouTube video

Christmas Wish Style Greeting: Montgomery College
YouTube video

Best Interactive Greeting: Tompkins Cortland Community Collegetc greeting

Best Xmas Tree Lighting Greeting: Ashland University