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The festive season is upon us once more! There’s a magical buzz as schools around the globe gear up for the holiday festivities. Embracing the essence of this season, schools are rolling out a wide range of holiday-themed video highlights, adding their sense of humor, creativity, and sincerity to make each video memorable.

But, what is a video highlight? Video highlights are brief overviews of information that make it easy for audiences to glean critical takeaways. These videos can be fun and engaging, allowing schools to share key messages easily.

And, what is a highlight video for an event? A video highlight for an event presents information about an event in a short overview that makes it easy for audiences to glean critical takeaways. These videos can be fun and engaging.

Schools have raised the bar this year, from brief, heartfelt messages to elaborate skits, capturing the essence of the holiday spirit. Continuing our tradition, we’re expanding on last year’s compilation of holiday videos and have curated a fresh list that will put you in the holiday mood.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into some noteworthy holiday videos of 2023!

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1. Embrace the Spirit of Giving with Emory University’s Goizueta Business School

The holiday season is about giving, and Emory University’s Goizueta Business School showcases this attitude in its 2023 Holiday Video. To thank hardworking staff, faculty, and students, the Dean surprises them with thoughtful gifts. This introduces us to various community members – and their funny reactions –  while also driving home the positive energy of the season:

YouTube video

This simple and humorous take on the holiday video format gives prospects a better sense of the personalities on campus and can even bring the entire community together.

2. Spend a Grinch-Free Holiday with Greensboro’s School of Health and Human Sciences  

UNC Greensboro is a regular on our HEM holiday video highlights list, and this video puts the spotlight on its School of Health and Human Sciences. Here, the University shares its holiday greeting with a sneaky appearance of the Grinch. Rest assured, he’s replaced with the Dean—who shares his gratitude in a brief and sincere holiday message:

YouTube video

3. Celebrate Rice University’s Moments of Joy in these Video Highlights

A great thing about the holiday season is reflecting on the past year and celebrating meaningful moments together. Rice University does precisely that in its 2024 holiday highlight video. The video begins with an animation featuring the school’s mascot and talented musicians before weaving personal messages from the students and video footage to illustrate the year’s highlights. Happy students, significant events, outstanding achievements, and the spirit of togetherness are all present in the video—making this a joyful celebration by the community for the community:

YouTube video

4. Sing Along to LMU CBA’s Catchy Holiday Jingle that Shows Off the School’s USPs

Holiday music is a core part that makes the season unique, so Loyola Marymount University’s College of Business Administration created its catchy jingle to stand out in our video highlights. Set to the tune of a holiday classic, the lyrics introduce LMU’s College of Business Administration in a way that highlights the school’s mission, location, and even unique selling proposition.

Not only is this a creative and positive way to communicate the foundation that makes LMU’s CBA unique, but it also spreads holiday cheer:

YouTube video

5. Watch Clackamas Community College’s Homage to the Classic Home Alone Movie

The holiday season is known for releasing iconic hallmark movies—including the classic Home Alone movie. Clackamas Community College pays tribute to the film by emulating the concept and applying it to the school’s president—who’s left alone on campus. What ensues is a humourous take on the feats the President is willing to take to defend the College:

YouTube video

Ensuring your video is correctly set up can help with your SEO. In addition to being funny and endearing, the video is well-optimized with a transcript and closed captions (CC).  This makes it more accessible and allows the College to present its video content in text form.

6. Spread Holiday Cheer with Mount Royal University’s Mascot  

Mount Royal University’s president and mascot, Tim and Calvin, are returning this holiday season to spread cheer and positivity in our video highlights list. Instead of a light-hearted baking show, they’ve collaborated to produce a surprise on campus: a stage where students can share their own stories on how they celebrate the winter holidays:

YouTube video

The video shares many answers that will resonate with many viewers. The festive music in the background and the moments where these students receive their gift makes this video all the more special.

7. Look Back on a Successful School Year at the University of South Carolina Upstate

The University of South Carolina (USC) Upstate takes this time of the year to look back and highlight its success—spotlighting new staff, key achievements, and other noteworthy wins. This is all executed creatively, with a giant Christmas tree ornament passed down to introduce new faces on-campus – students and faculty alike – before finally being hung on the USC Upstate Christmas tree.

Celebrate these successes in the following video highlight:

YouTube video

8. Hear from Community Voices at the Boston University’s College of Arts and Sciences

Community is essential during the holiday season, and Boston University’s College of Arts and Sciences spotlights its own in its holiday video. This short video is filled with happy holiday wishes from various faculty and staff—including Directors, Admissions Associates, the Associate Dean of the Graduate School, and more. Some of these messages are also targeting an international audience, making it an inclusive video for the holidays:

YouTube video

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9. Celebrate Students Alongside Muskegon Community College’s Heartfelt Video   

Muskegon Community College drills down to the most essential thing that makes the College great—its students. The College’s video is almost an ode to its students, holding them up as the greatest gift to its faculty and staff.

As the narration continues, viewers see various students, each holding up a big frame around their beaming faces. This simple gesture made more prominent by students receiving gifts, goes a long way to cement the College’s gratitude and care towards its students.

YouTube video

10. Join Western Oregon University’s Live Streamed Tree Lighting Ceremony this Holiday Season

Significant events are part of the holidays, and live-streaming them can bridge spaces and unite people in celebration. One of our holiday video highlights includes Western Oregon University’s 56th Holiday Tree Lighting Ceremony—a live-streamed occasion that showcases the University’s extensive community and bright, positive spirit.

Throughout the video, viewers are introduced to faculty and students and are treated to an entire parade featuring creative floats led by different student groups, clubs, and teams. The hosts bring a sense of humour and energy, engaging the video. Despite the rain, there’s a big turnout that genuinely captures the excitement around the holiday season.

YouTube video

11. Look ahead to the New Year with Carleton College’s Video Highlights

Last but not least, of our highlight videos, we have a special video from Carleton College that sets the tone perfectly for the New Year. As the holidays end, it’s the perfect time to reflect and look ahead—preparing for new ways to grow in the coming year. Carleton College’s video paves the way for these efforts, sharing their vision of a brighter year grounded in their core values:

YouTube video

As schools progress, it’s important to consider improving student recruitment strategies and marketing efforts. You can make your school’s new year more successful with the right vision and approach.

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