Investing in SEO to increase website visitor traffic from organic search

HEM conducted a comprehensive SEO audit of the CTC website in April 2010. This audit indicated that, while ranking well against other competitive schools in its market, there was significant room to improve CTC’s domain authority and its search rankings for a number of priority (branded and non-branded) keywords.


Increase organic search traffic to the Canadian Tourism College (CTC) website to increase student leads and student registrations in the increasingly competitive private college marketplace in British Columbia, Canada.


HEM began its work with CTC, conducting a complete on-page optimization review of their website. An off-page link building campaign was undertaken to improve the quality and quantity of external links to the CTC website. Google Analytics was implemented to identify patterns in visitor behavior and Google Analytics Goals were defined to provide a means of identifying and tracking key performance indicators (KPI’s) for the school’s website.

On-going SEO development and maintenance was provided by HEM to the CTC website with a goal of continuous improvement of CTC’s search rankings. On-page content optimization has helped to protect and improve CTC’s rankings, even with increased competitive SEO pressure from other local colleges.

In 2013, in response to the evolving requirements of the search engines, HEM introduced content production and blogging to its expanding mix of client services. Since then, HEM has produced a weekly blog post on the CTC website, providing high quality, relevant, and fresh content for the site, meeting the information appetites of both prospective students and search engine spiders.


HEM has produced continuous positive growth of organic search traffic over the 43 month period that it has worked with CTC

11% increase year over year of SEO leads in October 2013

CTC ranked in top 3 search results page positions for 76 priority keywords.

HEM optimized CTC's website for over 150 priority keywords. These search engine optimization activities resulted in CTC appearing in top 3 results position for 76 of these keywords and on first page results for 101 of them.

About Canadian Tourism College

  • Established in 1980
  • Two campuses, located in Vancouver and Surrey, British Columbia
  • Private, for-profit college
  • Programs are focused on Hospitality, Travel, and Tourism
  • Approximately 500 students per year

Visit Canadian Tourism College's website here:

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