Using Multi-Channel Marketing to Generate More Inquiries & Applications


In 2015, CultureWorks partnered with HEM to devise a customized multi-channel digital marketing strategy that would help the language school generate more inquiries and applications. CultureWorks also needed a way to effectively track, differentiate, and respond to inquiries from agent and non-agent channels.

The Solution

HEM proposed a multi-channel marketing solution that included the following processes:


Develop & Implement a Customized Inbound Strategy

HEM developed 2 personas for CultureWorks and devised an inbound marketing strategy that would resonate with their challenges, aspirations, and search behaviors. To help implement the strategy, HEM wrote, published, and shared one blog post per week for CultureWorks, and added curated content, quizzes, inspirational quotes, testimonials, and other personalized content to the school’s social media channels.


Improve Website Tracking & Create New Inquiry Funnel

HEM optimized the architecture of CultureWorks’ website, integrating GA tracking and setting up its domain for SEO. Additionally, HEM created an entirely new inquiry funnel for CultureWorks by adding a ‘Request Information’ form to the website.


Set up Multi-Channel Tracking & Targeted International Campaigns

HEM configured Google Analytics to track and measure traffic from various digital channels, as well as to differentiate applications coming from students and agents, and inquiries from undergraduate versus graduate-level students.

By establishing targeted international campaigns, HEM was able to gather data on which countries the majority of CultureWorks’ applications were coming from (which in turn, helped to refine and direct digital tactics).


Use Marketing Automation & CRM Technology to Streamline Admissions Processes & Tracking

HEM configured automated “inquiry follow-up” for CultureWorks using CRM technology, which helped ensure rapid response to the spike in inquiries from digital marketing.