Randolph-Macon Academy exceeds lead generation and enrollment growth goals in the midst of pandemic disruption



Randolph-Macon Academy (R-MA), a Virginia-based private military school that serves day and boarding students in grades 6-12, initially approached HEM in May 2020 to help drive and increase their student recruitment results. Additionally, as a military school, it found itself pigeon-holed by its past. The institution felt pre-defined by its audience it was trying to reach and found it difficult to break free of stereotypes and misconceptions of what it means to be a private military school. There was a unique timing opportunity before R-MA as this was in Spring 2020 during the early phase of the COVID-19 pandemic and parents across the state were re-evaluating their school selection.


1. Increase lead generation and brand building as part of student recruitment strategy.

2. Position school as an attractive choice for families of academic achievers.

3. Position R-MA’s value proposition as an academics-driven private school option for parents and exploit the exodus of students enrolled in public schools looking for stronger academic foundations during the Covid-19 disruptions affecting the public school sector.



HEM strategized, planned and released an aggressive digital ad campaign launching several categorized & targeted ad communications via Google Search Engine Console. HEM recommended and launched a robust Inbound Marketing campaign to help tell R-MA’s story of building high-achieving academic students and helping them to realize their leadership potential. This involved the development of content and ad creation to support the inbound strategy





R-MA began conversations with HEM during the height of the pandemic with global anxiety, especially in education. At R-MA, this was also a time of great uncertainty as enrollment was declining after several years of increases. During this time, HEM & R-MA had candid conversations about R-MA’s strengths and weaknesses, and how HEM can provide digital services to truly tell R-MA’s story.

HEM’s ability to take media collateral and transform the message into a visibly appealing package is of high standard. However, what makes HEM truly stand out is their ability to make sure messages reach keyaudiences. HEM works to increase the odds of the message being seen by your target audience. This, by far, is HEM’s greatest asset. The results have been tremendous. From May until August 2020, we enrolled over 115 new students leading to an increase in enrollment. We’re pleased to have the same number of contracts signed (with deposits) for the Fall 2021 semester as we did for the previous Fall 2020 semester. We also now have twice the number of Summer School students this year.



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