Stenberg College: Elevating Education with Strategic Marketing

Stenberg College is a medium-sized private college in British Columbia, offering programs in healthcare, nursing and education. Google Ads is a key marketing tool to recruit students. HEM Education Marketing Solutions plays a vital role in ensuring the ads are effective and generate more – and better – leads.

“We can always count on HEM, thanks to their expertise in marketing, their experience in education and their knowledge of the Canadian market,” says Les Merson, Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations at Stenberg.

A Partnership Rooted in Expertise and Growth

Over the past decade, HEM has worked with Stenberg on a number of projects, including developing social media campaigns and executing marketing audits and plans. Google Ads was the most recent.

After Stenberg’s internal Google Ads consultant left the organization, Stenberg’s Marketing Team took over Google Ads with the support of HEM.

HEM assumed the temporary management of the account while simultaneously training the Stenberg team on managing the platform.

“Amazingly, there was no disruption in lead flow or quality of leads,” says Merson.

“HEM improved the overall structure of the account and our campaigns saw major improvements,” he says.

Impactful Results Through Strategic Improvements

The proof is in the numbers.

“We’ve been seeing record-breaking enrolments and lead flow that exceeds what we were experiencing prior to HEM’s involvement,” says Emma Simms, Stenberg’s Assistant Marketing Manager.

“With HEM’s help, we had a 28 percent reduction in cost per lead.”

With the assistance from HEM, Stenberg’s team now has the ability to manage the account independently.

“However, we are grateful to know that they are just an email away if we have any questions or concerns,” Pamela Charach, Stenberg’s Senior Marketing Manager says. “We could not have gotten to this point without HEM’s help.”

Merson believes that educational organizations of any size can benefit from HEM’s expertise.

“They are passionate about teaching and sharing their knowledge. Whatever your skillset, HEM will supplement it and help you achieve even better results.”

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