Helping a prestigious business school reach an international audience


WU Executive Academy first connected with Higher Education Marketing with the goal of increasing inquiries and applications for its English- taught MBA programs and raising its profile among international audiences.

HEM tailored a customized inbound marketing strategy for WU which focused on clearly defined personas and key messages, high-quality content to position the school as an industry thought leader, and ensuring its website incorporated SEO best practices.

As the relationship grew, the MBA department also sought HEM’s advice and expertise to improve its internal admissions processes. HEM carried out a comprehensive review of the daily work of the department’s program managers, its lead generation and conversion data, and processes. Armed with this knowledge, HEM developed an improved follow-up framework to help the department maximize its efficiency, productivity, and results, and has provided ongoing support and advice ever since.


To ensure the highest possible return on WU Executive Academy’s digital marketing and admissions efforts, HEM developed personas and key messaging for both local and international audiences.

The local audience comprised prospective candidates living closely to WU’s campuses in Vienna and Bucharest, while international recruitment efforts were implemented on a wide global scale, with efforts focused on Eastern and Western Europe, the Baltics, Scandinavia, and Brazil.

In both cases, the emphasis was on attracting the highest possible quality of leads, with content developed to speak to the specific needs of professionals with over 10 years of experience employed in leadership positions with top-level management potential.

HEM helped us take our Marketing & Sales efforts to the next level. By developing a comprehensive strategy to combine Marketing and Sales efforts by developing accurate personas and a comprehensive marketing plan, a sales strategy for e-mail, messenger services and calls and combining these 2 departments, we’ve stopped guessing and started working towards well-defined goals.

By restructuring and simplifying our key messages for prospects and designing efficient landing pages, we saw a substantial increase in leads, which our sales department could work with.

Working with HEM has been a pleasure. One of the biggest advantages is the mutual trust. We can rely on HEM’s campaign efforts because they understand the business like no other agency. They help us with insights, best practices, and specific strategies for the higher education industry, which helped us a lot in the development of our marketing and sales efforts.

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