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Analytics-driven marketing can remove the guesswork from your school’s marketing. More and more prospective students use the Internet to find programs and schools, which means that colleges and universities need to rely less on traditional advertising, and more on online advertising channels. Higher Education Marketing works to implement an analytics-based culture, directly aligning online marketing goals with recruitment objectives. This data-based approach improves the overall efficiency of marketing strategies and online lead generation, and lets colleges tap into larger prospective student markets.

Higher Education Marketing uses Google Analytics, a web analytics system that is fully integrated with Google Adwords and capable of providing detailed measurement of your website’s performance. With this key information, Higher Education Marketing can measure, track and maximize the return on investment (ROI) and goal completion for every school department and recruiting segment, including:

  • Career Training
  • Fulltime Students
  • Distance Learning
  • Continuing Education
  • Corporate Training
  • International Students

Here is a breakdown of what Higher Education Marketing’s analytics-driven services can do for your school.

Google Analytics
Google Analytics is essential to every community college’s marketing. This provides the ability to measure, report, analyze, and optimize the ROI of every marketing and recruiting initiative, including: SEO and PPC campaigns, newspapers, radio, Facebook and Twitter, among others.

Google Analytics provides:

  • Ability to measure ROI for all Web marketing initiatives
  • User adoption (Google Analytics is the most commonly used Web Analytics tool)
  • Low cost Web analytics solution (Google Analytics is free)
  • Software as a service model (no installation, maintenance or hosting is required)

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) optimizes your website so that it generates organic traffic from search engines. This will ensure that your website ranks well in on search engine results pages for important keywords, including competitive non-branded keywords related to your programs.

Search Engine Optimization can:

  • Increase reach into untapped prospective student segments
  • Effectively target different prospective student groups
  • Improve rank in organic search listings on Google, Yahoo, and Bing

Pay Per Click Marketing (Google Adwords)

Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing (or Search Engine Marketing) lets colleges and universities market specific programs to different student groups and departments. Higher Education Marketing offers PPC Marketing on all major networks, including Facebook, Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing, Microsoft AdCenter, and Linkedin.

A Pay Per Click Marketing campaign can:

  • Allow you to choose the keywords you want your site to rank for
  • Display ads on the search engine results page
  • Provide total control over PPC budget and advertising message
  • Control bid management
  • Optimize your campaign in real time

Mobile SMS Alerts

Mobile SMS Alerts lets your school communicate directly with prospective and current students from different departments and recruiting segments. With this capability, you can send information about events, open houses, admission, registration, and more, directly to your target audience’s cell phones.

SMS Alerts Mobile Marketing can help your school:

  • Deliver your marketing message directly to your audience’s phone
  • Provide unique mobile features and content
  • Beat the competition with cutting-edge tactics, tools and techniques
  • Get your message read! Mobile SMS alerts have a much higher open rate than email

Website Design and Development

To stay competitive, your website has to be fully optimized for search engine ranking, with manageable and effective aesthetics and content management systems. An effective website has to be engaging, pleasing to the eye, usable and user-friendly. If not, you’re severely limiting your Web marketing and online lead generation potential.

Website Design and Development provides:

  • Aesthetically pleasing website design optimized to generate leads
  • Usable and user-friendly website architecture
  • An effective and flexible content management system
  • Social media integration

Google Places (Maps) and Local Search Optimization

Google Places and Local Search Optimization prominently and appropriately positions
your school’s campus on mobile and local search results. This can increase traffic and help your school dominate the search engine results page.

Google Places Mobile and Local Search Optimization provides:

  • Relevant local search positioning
  • Interactive map listings (E.G. Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, and Bing, among others)
  • Prospective student targeting (in a specific area)
  • Increased presence on search engine results page

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