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Google Analytics Landing Page

Higher Education Google Analytics Services

Google Analytics is at the heart of Higher Education Marketing’s services, allowing us to measure, report, analyze and optimize the Return On Investment (ROI) of all your marketing initiatives and channels, including: Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click marketing campaigns, newspapers, radio, Facebook and Twitter, among others.

Higher Education Marketing’s Google Analytics for schools provide:

  • ROI measurement for all your marketing initiatives
  • Reporting and improvement of website design
  • Website Goal tracking
  • Customization and segmentation of analytics services and products

Higher Education Marketing’s Google Analytics services can ensure that key performance indicators (KPIs) are properly measured.

Why Google Analytics for Higher Education?

Google Analytics is a fully integrated reporting system with Google Adwords™ that offers an enterprise class analysis tool. Along with a full technical audit of your website, Higher Education Marketing considers the set up of Google Analytics the first step towards improving your website and Internet marketing performance.

Creating a series of benchmarks, metrics, and targets can help you understand how online marketing strategies are performing, where they are succeeding, and where they can be more fully developed. Google Analytics, therefore, lets your school effectively monitor website statistics and markering campaigns in real time. This “hidden” information is critical, as it makes it easy to understand which higher education marketing technique gives you the best return on investment.

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