Google Ads for Schools

Improve your school’s online visibility using the world’s largest advertising platform

The first page of Google’s search results gather 92% of website clicks – so if your school doesn’t appear at the top when prospects research schools, you’re missing the majority of your target audience.

With Google Ads, you can ensure your school is visible and accessible for prospective students online.As the world’s most-used search engine and largest digital advertising platform, Google Ads is a surefire way to supercharge your school’s online presence, but it comes with its own challenges. Google Ads have complex targeting options, and take time and resources to monitor and optimize.

This is where HEM come in. From researching keywords to creating your campaign to evaluating and updating your ads, HEM takes care of the entire Google Ads process for you, while giving your school total control over the budget, advertising message, and the keywords you want your site to rank for.

With over a decade in the education marketing business, we know how to attract prospective students, and can guarantee your school a healthy ROI on your Google Ads.

Why Use Google Ads?

The benefits of Google Ads are endless, including:

  • » Users make an average $2 for every $1 they spend on Google ads
  • » Google Ads work faster than SEO
  • » Search ads lift brand awareness
  • » Google offers highly effective remarketing options

HEM will work with your school to build an effective Google Ads campaign that multiplies the number of inquiries and applications you receive.


Campaign Setup


HEM will take care of every aspect of your Google Ad campaign setup, including:

  • » Establishing an overall campaign strategy
  • » Ad design and creation
  • » Setting up campaigns and ad sets in the Google Ads platform
  • » Setup of audiences and targeting parameters
  • » Defining placements and budgeting

Keyword Research

Keywords are the key to any successful Google Ads campaign, but you can't simply pluck them out of thin air. Comprehensive keyword research is needed to test which keywords and phrases work best and which ones to target to maximize your chances of reaching the right audience.


HEM will conduct thorough research to find the most relevant keywords for your particular school, and will give your school the liberty of choosing which you want to rank for.

Ad and Landing Page Creation

HEM will help your school create ads tailored to your target audience, providing original copy for all Google Ads formats. HEM will also create customized landing pages to accompany them. These pages present prospects with the information they need as soon as they click on your ad.


All HEM’s ad creative will be developed in line with your institution’s branding guidelines, and we can also write landing pages and ads in any language you require.

Campaign Management and Optimization

Google Ads campaigns must be consistently tracked and measured to determine your click conversion rate, which clicks are making you money, and most importantly, which clicks are costing you money. HEM will pay close attention to your ad campaign to update and improve your advertising efforts over time.

HEM follows a strategic 7-step process for managing and optimizing your Google Ads campaigns.


As part of your ongoing service, HEM will configure conversion tracking within Google Ads, and you’ll also receive monthly reports for all your campaign activity. These services will help you:

  • » Effectively determine the ROI of your campaigns
  • » Evaluate which keywords and ads are delivering the best results
  • » Compare your results month over month
  • » Review and plan your ongoing ad activity with HEM

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