HEM's Student Portal

Smarter SIS and Admissions Management for Your School

Designed using our years of experience serving the education sector, HEM’s Student Portal is an all-in-one admissions management and Student Information System for institutions of all kinds, including universities, colleges, K-12 providers, and language schools.

Deliver the Booking Experience Today’s Students Expect

Modern prospective students, parents, and agents expect the same level of online service from schools as other businesses. That means enabling them to inquire, apply, pay, and enroll on your programs through an easy, intuitive, one-stop process. HEM’s Student Portal delivers just that.

Centralize Your School’s Management

HEM’s Student Portal is an all-in-one admissions management and student information system. This means your admissions team, academic faculty, and other support staff can manage all of its operations in one centralized system.

Build Your Perfect Applications

Build customizable applications that feature accommodation booking, campus selection, or anything your school needs to include. Applications can be stepped and saveable, and also facilitate document uploads, e-signatures, payment options, and more.

Digital Tools to Nurture Leads Towards Enrollment

HEM’s Student Portal also offers tools to nurture leads towards application. Prospects can create free quotes to estimate the total cost of their program, accommodation, and any other extras, or explore your campuses, courses, and more using our Virtual Admissions Assistant.

Streamlined, Integrated Digital Management

HEM’s Student Portal is designed to work as part of a larger digital management system for your school, and can be integrated with popular payment gateways, CRM and marketing automation systems, and communications platforms.

Track and Measure Your Success

Want to track how many students are submitting applications to your programs? Keep an eye on payments? Monitor attendance for your classes? The Student Portal’s reporting tools will give you an ongoing view of your school’s progress in all areas.

Discover the Student Portal

Account Creation

Allow applicants to create accounts to save their applications. Includes unique account types for parents and agents to manage multiple applications.

Create application forms that are tailored to your school’s needs with our easy-to-use application builder. Includes over 20 unique field types.

Allow students to calculate the total price of their booking with your school. Can use multiple currencies with automatic price adjustment for high season.

A place for both your academic and support staff to manage your academic calendar, student records, course and classroom schedules, and lesson plans.

A front-facing tool which takes website visitors through the admissions process virtually, allowing them to explore course, campus, and financial options.

The Student Portal supports most major payment gateways, including Stipe, PayPal, Flywire, Moneris, Helcim, and Datatrans.

The Student Portal can integrate with popular CRM and marketing automation platforms (Mautic, HubSpot, SalesForce), and also support plugins from communication platforms and other tools.

The Student Portal will help you to track both complete and incomplete applications, payments from incoming students, attendance and academic records, and more.

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