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Higher Education Marketing

As a certified Web Analyst, Philippe Taza founded and created Higher Education Marketing, providing Internet marketing solutions for schools, universities, and community colleges. In all, he has been working in the education market since 2001, specializing in Google Analytics, Education Lead Generation, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Schools, and Pay Per Click Marketing, among many other education marketing tactics and tools.

“Our mission is to increase the ROI for colleges and universities through analytics-driven marketing solutions. So far, we’re doing a great job.”

Leadership & expertise

Successful digital marketing involves compelling content, user-friendly design, information architecture, and web strategies. To achieve this, we have a talented in-house team that is able to combine digital marketing and technology expertise with a burst of creativity for every single project.


As we build strategies, we also build relationships. We sit with our clients, we listen, and then we come up with a plan that is perfect for them. Our team is hard at work to ensure that each of our clients receives a customized and agile solution that meets their distinct needs and objectives.

Value & Quality

The reason why our clients consistently see an increase in ROI and lead generation is because we follow one important principle: Never sacrifice quality. We are known for providing effective solutions and timely results without ever undermining the quality of anything that leaves our cyber doors.