Changing Your Calendar View in Mautic

In Mautic, you can view your calendar by day, week and month. Additionally, you can view your activities in list format.


change calendar view

View by Day

‘Day’ view offers you an in-depth look at your activities for the day. Since this section is organized by half hour intervals, you can coordinate your schedule down to the micro-detail.


calendar day view

View by Week

‘Week’ view is Mautic’s default calendar format. This view allows you to easily see how much you have on your plate each week, as well as identify any activity conflicts or areas of free time.


week view calendar

View by Month

In ‘Month’ view, you can easily view all your activities for any given month. You can make any needed changes by hovering over an event and clicking ‘edit’ or clicking and dragging an event to another day.


month calendar view

View by List

Last but not least is the ‘List’ view. This formatting option lists out all the tasks on your calendar by date and time. 


calendar list view


If ever you’re browsing upcoming or past events and you want to return to the present, simply press the ‘Today’ button in the top right-hand corner and you’ll be brought to the current day, week, or month, depending on which view you’re using.


today view calendar