Contact Profile Overview in Mautic for Schools

Mautic’s contact profiles are highly detailed, with different menus that offer insight into different aspects of your prospects and where they are in their admissions journey.

There are three central menus in each contact’s profile: the contact information section, the contact activities section, and the lead status section. These sections are automatically updated as a prospect interacts with your school, but you can also manually edit them. Learn more about Mautic’s inline editing feature here.


Contact dashboard overview

Contact Information

This area includes information about your contact, the agency they’re assigned to, their program, educational background, and emergency contact. Simply toggle between the different tabs to view or edit the information. 


contact information section - educational background

A contact’s profile only shows the known information, so if you want to see what fields are blank, click the green ‘Show Empty Fields’ button. This function is especially useful if you want to add new information to the profile.

show empty fields edit agency

Lead Status

This area of a contact’s profile offers key information related to the admissions process, such as lead status, lead stage, points, and the channel through which the lead was generated. You can also see important contact info here such as address, email, phone, and agency (if applicable).


Lead Status Section Contact Dashboard

Contact Activities

This section includes information related to all admissions activities relating to the contact, such as emails, tasks, SMS, and phone calls. Here, you can also schedule and conduct activities, as well as take manual notes, making it a particularly useful section for admissions staff.


contact activities


For more information on notes, click here.

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