Create New Student Contact in Mautic

To create a new Mautic contact, the first step is to navigate to the contact database by clicking ‘Contacts’ in the left-hand menu.


Contact Menu sidebar


In the contact database, you can create a new contact either by using the ‘Quick Add’ feature, which allows you to create a contact using a pop-up form, or clicking the ‘New’ button, which will bring you to a more robust contact builder.


Add new contacts

Create a Contact via ‘Quick Add’

Mautic’s ‘Quick Add’ function involves all the same fields as the ‘New Contact’ feature, the only difference being how they are laid out. Since all the fields are listed in one form in ‘Quick Ad,’ this option works well if you don’t have a lot of information to fill in for a particular contact, as you’ll be able to create it quickly.


Quick add feature

Create a Contact via ‘New Contact’

If you have a lot of information about a particular prospect, consider using Mautic’s ‘New Contact’ feature. By clicking the ‘New’ button, you’ll be brought to a contact builder which includes the same fields as in the ‘Quick Add’ form – but in this case, the fields are separated into sections, as indicated below.


Create new contact menu


The setup of Mautic’s contact builder makes it easy to create detailed contacts as you can navigate between different contact sections.

After you’ve filled in your contact’s information, you can click ‘Apply’ in the top right-hand corner:


save close apply


This will save the contact’s information, but keep the page open should you want to edit it further. If you have no more changes to make, click ‘’Save & Close’ to exit.

Regardless of the method you choose, the contact you create will automatically show up in Mautic’s contact database.