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Creating Agencies in Mautic

Agents are an important part of many schools’ recruitment strategies, but it can be difficult to monitor their activity. In Mautic, you can create agency profiles and assign contacts to them in order to measure and assess their lead flow.

Mautic’s Agencies Dashboard

HEM’s Mautic CRM has an entire section devoted to agencies, which you can access using the left-hand sidebar.

Agencies section


In the agency dashboard, you can see all the different agency profiles, as well as some essential information such as the agency’s email, website, score, and the number of contacts attached to the agency. Having this information readily available makes it easy to quickly contact the agency, assess how many leads it’s generating, and monitor how well they are progressing towards enrollment.


agencies overview


Create a New Agency

In the right-hand corner of your agency dashboard, click “New” to add an agency.


New agency


You will be brought to an agency builder where you can add any necessary information. In the “Contact Information” menu, you can add the agency’s name, email, address, website, and phone number.

If your school’s partner agencies are managed by certain staff, you can put a Mautic user in charge using the “Agency Owner” menu.

You can also assign each agency a score, and change it at any point, to prioritize the agencies that have proved most useful to your school.


new agency - contact information


In the “Professional” section you can add details such as how many employees the agency has, as well as what industry they specialize in.


professional section


After you’ve added all your agency information, simply click “Save & Close” to add the agency to your CRM.


mautic CRM or schools


Editing Agencies

To edit a pre-existing agency, click on its name in the “Agencies” dashboard.


click to edit agencies


You’ll then be brought to the same menu you used to create the agency. Make any necessary updates to it and press “Save & Close.”


edit agency menu


Merging Agencies

If you ever want to merge agencies together, start by clicking on the agency you want to combine with another in the “Agencies” menu.


click to edit agencies


Then, in the top right corner, click “Merge.”


Merge agencies


You can then use the drop down menu to select which agency you want it to merge with.


merge agency menu


Then click “Save and Close” once you’re done.


mautic CRM or schools


The original agency you edited will no longer exist as a contact in Mautic’s “Agencies” dashboard. Instead, its contacts will be present in the agency you chose to merge with.