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Mautic offers endless customization options when it comes to contact segmentation. You can create segments based on any combination of contact properties in your Mautic database.

To begin creating your lists, navigate to the ‘Segments’ section of Mautic.


Segments menu


There, you’ll find a list of your segments. You can also see how many contacts are in each.


contact segments


Create a New Segment

To create a new segment, click ‘New’ in the top right-hand corner.


create new contact segment


In the details menu of the segment builder, you can name your segment, enter an alias (Mautic will do this for you automatically if you don’t specify one) and add a description. You can also determine whether you want your segment to be public and/or published.


new segment details menu


The ‘Filters’ menu is where you select the characteristics that define your segment using the drop-down menu.


New Segment Filters


Choose your Filters

To customize your list, first choose the filter that applies to your desired segment. You can build your segment using any of the contact property in your Mautic database. This means you could create a segment based on contacts who are at the same stage in the booking process, or even contacts added to your database from social media. 

In this case, we are going to create a list of leads from North America, so the “country” field is the first we’re going to add:


country field


In the right drop-down menu, you can specify the contact property. In the left menu, you can determine the relationship your list has with that contact property. In other words, your segment could exclude or include leads from Canada.


segment equals canada


You can also add additional filters in the form of and/or statements to further customize your leads list. 

An ‘and’ statement indicates that you want the contact to meet (or not meet) both of the given properties. In this case, we want to be sure that leads in this list are definitely from Canada so we want both their country, and their address, to indicate it.


or statement


An ‘or’ adds contacts to the segment if they meet either of the criteria. Since we want to include contacts from all North American countries in this segment, we are signifying here that they are from either Canada, the United States, or Mexico.


or statement


Indicate Contact Type

The ‘Contact Type’ filter is a highly useful one in Mautic, as it determines whether leads, students, or agents appear in your segment. To make this differentiation, select the ‘Contact Type’ option from the filters menu.


segment by contact type


If you want to create a list based on a single contact type, make sure the filter applies to all your ‘or’ statements.

Saving Your Segment

Once you’re done adding filters, your segment may look a little something like this:


Total leads


Then click ‘Save and Close’ to add your segment to Mautic.


save close apply